A Lifetime in the making

It's more than a clever way of describing our passion, it's a lifetime dedication to creating meaningful fine jewelry!

As Fine Jewelry Designers for more than 30 years, we've had numerous clients ask us if we made family/mothers jewelry. Over the years we've created several Mother's necklaces and rings that displayed names, initials or birthstones of family members, but nothing that would allow for additional children or define each generation as the family grew.
We checked with other fine jewelry manufacturers and designers, but none of them had a good answer to this age old question. We saw a couple of costume jewelry options, but they didn't have the structural integrity needed to last for generations. From that point on, we took it as a personal challenge to create a beautiful piece of fine jewelry that not only represented the essence of each family member, but of each generation as well. It also needed to have the durability and the fashion thoughtfulness for today’s active women.
It took some time, but our hard work was rewarded with "The Generations Necklace". It is a beautiful and timeless design that recognizes those special people in every woman’s life. We believe that women of all ages will be inspired to embrace the emotion that The Generations Necklace represents.

The Generations Necklace symbolizes the very essence of what every women hold nearest and dearest to her heart. Let’s face it, at the heart of every great family is a great woman and at the heart of every Generations Necklace is the birthstone of a great women. Each Generational Ring radiating out from the center represents a generation and every Generational Ring that is adorned with Birthstone Journals becomes a “Generation of Love”.

All items are created using only the very best in materials and craftsmanship and are designed to reflect the differences that make us special. Due to the fact that each item is carefully hand crafted, subtle variations may be visible, which only adds to the character and unique "custom" nature of each piece. Our Necklace's are not "stamped out" by some giant machine in a foreign country, making your necklace exactly the same as everyone else!  Each piece is designed, cast, set and finished by hand, right here in the United States.  We are dedicated to the design and creation of fine jewelry that will be cherished for generations.
Blessings, Beth